Bone Gowa dan Toraja

Bone, Gowa, dan Toraja memiliki hubungan yang cukup kuat di masa lalu. Keturuan Raja Gowa, Raja Bone dan bangsawan Toraja ternyata memiliki kekerabatan.

Hubungan ini diakui oleh Kerjaan Gowa dan tercatat di pusat kerajaan Gowa.

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Android vs iPhone in Indonesia

Android vs iPhone in Indonesia.

Number of Andorid users in Indonesia has been dramatically increase since mid 2010. Until First Week of Januari 2011, there has been about 4 millions Android handsets sold in Indonesia.

While iPhone4 has been in this country for almost a year. It hasn’t shown a sigfinicant market adoption.

Most of the handset in Indonesia is still Nokia.

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Lakipadada : Antara Toraja Gowa dan Bugis

Lakipadada : Antara Toraja Gowa dan Bugis

Have you ever heard about Lakipadada ? If you are from Toraja or Gowa or Buginese, you probably have heard this word.

Lakipadada is a brave man from Toraja who tried to find eternall life or immortality. Something like what we can see in the “Mummy Return”. But Lakipadada searched for immortality in a normal way.

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Rooney wants to leave United as reported by

Rooney wants to leave United as reported by


Wayne Rooney has just  released a statement  in response to Fergusson comments. And in it, he confirms he wants to leave Old Trafford.

He says: “I met with David Gill last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad.”

“I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract.”

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XL Internet Broadband 99 ribu per bulan

Pilihan Paket Broadband Internet Mulai 18 Oktober 2010, Paket Mobile Broadband XL yang tersedia adalah: Untuk Pelangan baru tersedia paket perdana XL Mobile Broadband seharga Rp 8.000 yang dijual secara khusus di Outlet, Dealer XL dan XL Center. Harga sudah termasuk Paket Harian selama 1 hari. Dengan Kartu Perdana baru ini, pelanggan dapat mengaktifkan Paket Harian atau Bulanan dengan melakukan isi pulsa terlebih dahulu kemudian registrasi ulang ke *123# (tanpa perlu melakukan Unreg paket lama) atau SMS ke 868. Gambar Kartu Perdana khusus XL Mobile Broadband Cara mendapatkan Kartu Perdana Khusus Bagi Anda yang belum memiliki Kartu Perdana Khusus Mobile Broadband, Anda bisa mendapatkan Kartu Perdana Mobile Broadband seharga Rp 8.000 termasuk pajak dan sudah termasuk Paket Harian. Kartu Perdana Mobile Broadband tersedia di :

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Disneyworld and Universal : Disney Land Paris vs Disnay land Hongkong

FLORIDA’S Busch Gardens, a worthy rival to Disneyworld and Universal, have announced some exciting new stuff for next year.

The Cheetah Run is a new way to get close to the big cats and see them run.

And the Cheetah Hunt is a mighty new rollercoaster. It will have three launch points designed to show you the acceleration of a cheetah. And it will travel over Busch’s version of the Serengeti.

A spokesman said: “It’s a 4,000ft sprint that will take your breath away.”

Both open next spring.

And in another part of the gardens, Seaworld is opening The Grand Reef.

Set over 2.5 acres, it will feature different levels of exploration suitable for all ages, from paddling in tranquil shallow waters to deep diving adventures into a tropical sunken world teeming with sea life.

They promise more than 10,000 animals, representing 125 species of fish, rays and sharks.

And SeaVenture looks great fun. Wearing diving helmets, guests can trek the reef on foot for up-close encounters.

These are set to open next June.



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Rooney : Move to Manchester City after clash with Fergusson ?

Rooney and Ferguson have not exchanged a word since clashing over the troubled striker’s hooker romps. A source close to Roo, who has refused to sign a new contract, said last night: “To say relations are strained is a massive understatement – they haven’t spoken for a month. “Wayne doesn’t just feel frozen out, he feels like he’s been put into deep freeze. “Sir Alex ignores him in training and treats him with utter contempt. There’s no way he can stay at United if it continues.” Old Trafford officials have played down talk of a transfer for the £90,000-a-week ace, calling it “nonsense”. But the source said: “The Rooney camp feel sure he will no longer be a United player once the January transfer window opens. “He’s under such a cloud he wants out.” Meanwhile Rooney’s loyal wife Coleen has vowed to follow him ANYWHERE to save their marriage, rocked by the England striker’s romps with hookers.

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Hello world!

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